Strategy to Action Workshop

If you want to transform any aspect of your organisation, this ground-breaking workshop is for you. This could be profit, culture, productivity, employee engagement, customer engagement, innovation or all of the above and more! Or maybe to deliver a big project that has lost momentum or become stuck.

Benefits of the workshop

It ALWAYS delivers phenomenal outputs that inspires leaders and their teams, delights customers and shareholders and terrifies competition. It has multiplied the profit growth of mature businesses many times over, rescued struggling multi-billion pound technology projects, and increased the value of small and mid sized businesses by over 1,000% in under 3 years. In total it’s created many 100m pounds of value for shareholders of family owned SMEs, VC backed businesses and international PLCs.

This unique workshop is a dynamic and highly interactive experience that uses the powerful DOIT methodology, multi-media presentations and Peter Ryding’s experience as a serial CEO, top executive coach, award winning profit improvement specialist and expert facilitator. It also introduces powerful insights and little known secrets of success that consistently surprise, entertain and inform the attendees. And whilst every workshop is customized for each client, the underlying process has been honed over many years and is tried, tested and proven to work.

Which is why our many repeat clients consistently say “DOIT ALWAYS and ONLY works.”  And our money back guarantee has NEVER been requested since we introduced it in 1999.

Client feedback

Over 95% of attendees rate the outputs of the workshop as 10 out of 10 or higher (yes we get the odd 11 out of 10!) and the remainder score it 9 out of 10. They also rate their readiness and confidence for moving forward as many times higher (usually 4-6 times) higher than before the workshop. (Measuring this is part of the process)

The process is so strong and proven that the workshop can be run with NO previous preparation although some pre-meetings and preparation do help.