Our Unique E-Coaching Services

What is E-Coaching?

E-Coaching is a ground-breaking new concept that emulates the experience of being coached by a person but without the cost, restricted availability and limited knowledge.

It really is like having a coach in your pocket 24/7 and costs a fraction of what a human coach would. This means now you can give the benefits of coaching for all your people and deliver the proven commercial benefits of a coaching culture – productivity, retention of top talent, employee engagement as well as cultural harmonisation and transformation.

VIC provides the following “Coaching” benefits…

  • Understands your spoken word and responds with instant advice
  • Gets you unstuck, and helps you diagnose and solves your problems
  • Builds unstoppable self-belief and inner confidence
  • Helps define the future you want
  • identifies skills gaps or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back
  • Helps you define your goals
  • Makes you become a better influencer, negotiator, presenter and conversationalist
  • Diagnoses sources of stress and how to cope with them
  • Predicts and proactively brings you what you need without having to ask
Content business people looking at laptop screen

Of course, VIC also delivers world-class content…

Upskilling – 200+ topics including: leadership, sales, stress, influencing and negotiating, emotional intelligence, bias and many, many more.

Skills gap analysis – Identifies the gaps in your skills and creates pathways to close them.


E-Solutions are about solving problems instantly.

VIC uniquely integrates skills, knowledge, insights and attitude with interactive reflection, problem solving and virtual coaching all enabled by advanced technologies.

It enables you to be the very best that you can be, to make better decisions sooner and so achieve more in less time. And this applies at work and at home because employee’s families also enjoy free bonus membership!

VIC is practical, pragmatic and proven to work in the real world.

Content is delivered in bite-sized modular multi-media nuggets, personalised pathways and clever automated self-coaching tools.

That’s the power of ‘E-Solutions’.

Uniquely, VIC also integrates HR tools…

VIC’s integrated HR Tools like Performance Review, 360 Feedback, Personality Profiler and Team Insight are linked straight to targeted content.