About Us

What we do

VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach is one of the services provided by ‘Pathfinder’ a multi-award-winning specialist in:

  • People
  • Performance
  • Profit

We work with HRDs and CEOs to develop strategies, programmes and systems that inspire, equip and enable everyone to become the very best they can be and to deliver significant performance improvement, individually and as an organisation.

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VIC Platinum

Whilst VIC is available to all of your people giving them a ‘virtual coach in their pocket’, your senior executives can benefit from the UK’s top leadership coach, business and transformation expert as part of the prestigious and exclusive ‘VIC Platinum’ service.

Our Founder

VIC was founded by Peter Ryding – the award-winning serial CEO, Chairman, venture capitalist and top Master Coach to CEOs. His international career in Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 companies has included working with the largest corporation in the world, the 4th richest man in the world, the biggest private equity firm in the world, and advising the UK Government. He has written 7 books including an amusing business book called ‘Houston we MAY have a problem’ acclaimed by Lord Digby Jones as “Fascinating – this book will save far more than just your career!” Peter was voted top BBC interviewee of the year and top Conference Speaker.

His HR credentials include championing continuous learning, the power of coaching and the importance of inspirational leadership in practice as a serial CEO, at conferences as a key note speaker and now by sharing his skills, experience and insights via VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach.

Peter was Dean of Europe’s leading corporate university. He has run the world’s biggest multimedia training company, (John Cleese’s Video Arts Group International) as well as Europe’s biggest coach training business. He has personally trained over 2,000 coaches and CXOs and overseen the training of 30,000 more.

Peter masterminded the creation of VIC to achieve the VIC Mission and Beliefs.

Our mission and beliefs

To support our mission, we give VIC for free to members’ families and to charities of their choice.

Our mission is based upon three core beliefs:

1. Coaching and constant upskilling make people more successful.

At times in work and in life we all get stuck and are frustrated when we don’t have the right expert to ask for the skills, insights, knowledge or coaching we need. This is especially the case given that coaching is usually just for the bosses and 90% of traditional learning is forgotten in 90 days. So we need a new solution.

2. The clever use of psychology, technology and proven principles delivers benefits way beyond normal coaching, in what we call ‘E-Coaching’.

By taking the cost and scarcity of the human coach out of equation, we can deliver even more benefits to far more people for a fraction of the traditional costs.

3. Integrating ‘E-Coaching’ and advanced ‘e-learning’ creates ‘e-solutions’ that is a practical, pragmatic and creates a profit focussed ‘system of success’.

This goes way beyond just upskilling and coaching and means people make better decisions faster, solve problems sooner and get more done in less time.

We call this solution…

‘VIC – your Virtual Interactive Coach’

‘Success’ is both a journey and a destination. It might mean career or business success, financial security, true love, inner peace, good health, physical safety or simply less stress.


Our mission is to help 20 million people across 20 countries achieve and celebrate more success with less stress.

Peter Ryding
CEO, Vicyourcoach

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