About the system & demo

What do you get with Vic your coach?

Instant help

Immediate, intuitive access to advice and ideas to solve problems and exploit opportunities as they arise in business or in life – because you have a coach and business expert in your pocket 24/7!

World-class personal development

Structured personal development including skills gap analysis, tailored plans to close those gaps, friendly reminders and progress reporting. Vic even predicts what information you will need and sends it directly to you.

All content is delivered in bite-sized 5 minute modular steps that are integrated into 90 minute programmes. Programmes are then collated into 21 Academies with 30+ hours of content in each.

Content is delivered in a variety of media…

  • Fascinating videos
  • Top tips linked to more detail
  • Interactive self coaching exercises with your dedicated virtual coach
  • Fascinating fables to make you think and challenge your assumptions and behaviours
In the ‘My Future’ section, you identify the key skills gaps that are holding you back, then find specialist content to close those gaps in just one click!