Membership fees

Vic your coach reduces the delays, inefficiencies and stress of not having access to the help you need when you need it. So you get more done in less time, make better decisions faster and go the extra mile to win and delight new customers.

Which is why this unique service combines the benefits of coaching with access to a whole MBA's worth of knowledge – plus so much more. All at any time and any location.

Cost of traditional coaching vs Vic your coach

Monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions£2,000/m
Online MBA course£1,000/m
The incredible value of Vic your coach - less than... £20/m
Yes, that's less than 1% of the combined figure!

Your investment

The chart below shows how little investment is needed to give you and your employees this phenomenal boost to skills, confidence and productivity. Imagine everyone getting more done in less time and with less stress and being happier and more successful as they do it!
MembershipsDiscountMonthly fee ppDaily fee pp
Individual - £1655p
10+ 25% £1240p
100+ 50% £827p
500+ 63% £621p
1,000+ 75% £413p
(All prices exclude VAT at 20%)

And the more members you have the better value it becomes. Surely that's an investment worth making in you and your people isn't it?

So for example, when buying 10 memberships, each one costs just £12 per month, or 40p a day.
That’s less than a can of coke!

Further discounts

We offer further discounts for charities, government bodies and certain other organisations.
Contact us to see if you qualify.