Executive coaching

We have been coaching & mentoring CEOs & their teams since 1999. We are all ex CEOs/MDs who are fully trained as coaches & mentors and experts at using DOIT to provide a richer coaching & leadership development experience.

The D.O.I.T. Executive Coaching service is bespoked to every client – although it typically involves monthly pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings. Each meeting is scheduled for half a day to allow for coaching, critical discussions, review of progress being made and intense coaching exercises with time to turn findings from these exercises into specific action plans whilst they are still fresh in your mind, before having to return to day to day activities. These meetings are usually offsite in a meeting room to ensure no interruptions, brain space for deep and fresh thinking and privacy for challenging discussions and exercises.

As a client you can call or email at anytime to discuss issues and opportunities that arise, when they arise. Additionally if any crisis emerges then we can meet outside the pre-scheduled meetings. In addition you will have full 24/7 access to the groundbreaking “D.O.I.T. Success System” with all of it’s leadership development, business and life skills content. We review the coaching relationship and results every 6 months to ensure it is valuable and that it merits being continued into the future.

Most clients remain full coaching clients for period of 3-4 years. Then they tend to use us more as a trusted advisor and confidant on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis, or they seek more of our involvement to help them sell or otherwise exit the business that they have grown during the previous 4 years.

    During most coaching relationships many of the following topics will be covered…
    • How to deal with issues at work and at home that arise quickly and effectively
    • How to be a more inspiring leader.
    • How to increase Employee Engagement throughout their business
    • How to increase Customer Engagement by putting the customer at the heart of their business
    • How to upskill, empower and upgrade the senior executive team
    • How to create a “DOIT” vision of the future that will dramatically grow the business and then develop a plan to deliver it
    • How to optimise any M&A process including far more than just the price
    • How to free up more time – at least a whole day per week
    • How to manage stress, resilience and mindfullness
    • How to manage life work balance
    • How to improve communication skills
    • How to understand your personality type, how others see you and what you can do about it
    • How to spot and fix self limiting beliefs (We all have them!)
    • How to get unstuck and manage crises quickly and effectively
    • How to explore your values and purpose in life
    …and many more.
    All achieved in a structured and integrated approach that has been helping CEO clients since 1999.