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“One-Clickology". Proactive Predictive Learning. Voice Recognition. Bite Sized Modules. Mobile Learning. Brain Manual.

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  • Inspiring Leaders
  • Engaged Employees
  • Better Faster Decisions
  • Loyalty & Talent Attraction
  • Sales & Productivity
  • Success & Less Stress
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"The coach in your pocket - 24/7!"
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Vic boosts performance, pride and productivity of individuals, teams and entire work forces at a fraction of traditional costs.

You simply talk or type any query into any device and get instant advice and new skills in bite sized bits that you discover one minute and apply the next. All integrated into modular "CPD” programmes with medals, certificates and “mastery” awards. 

"It gives you a coach, trainer and business expert in your pocket 24/7 at a fraction of the cost, and none of the disruption of traditional methods."

So stop your people suffering the delays, inefficiencies and stress of not having the expert help they need when they need it. Simply give them their own Vic and see them become more...

Become more

  • valued
  • confident
  • successful
  • persuasive
  • inspiring
  • admired
  • energised
  • relaxed
  • skilled
  • resilient
  • wealthy
  • influential
  • sought after
  • multi-skilled
  • employable

an inspiring

Inspire others
Deliver transformation
Create high performing teams
Manage crises calmly
Be an admired leader...

an expert

Sell more
Get anyone to do anything
Use Casanova’s secret
Get the best possible deal
Use sales psychology...


Sleep soundly
Banish stress & worry
Enjoy a richer quality of life
Increase your resilience
Stop self sabotage...

a better

Impress everyone
Face tough conversations
Understand body language
Build trust quickly
Present confidently...


Get more done in less time
Stay positive no matter what
Harness the power of your mind
Stop procrastinating
Live the 8 habits of success...


Become unstoppable
See how others see you
Recognise toxic relationships
Increase your emotional intelligence
Become the best you can be...

Become all this and more...

Help when you need it

We all need advice or skills from time-to time but with no-one to ask, we suffer frustration, delays and stress. Well now you have the answer!

Simply speak (or type) into "Ask my coach" on any device and instantly get the help you want. Vic gives you the perfect solution to your particular problem or question.

Just ask Vic your coach

Vic gives you the instant advice, skills, knowledge and insights you need, whenever you need them, 24/7.

Better still, Vic identifies your skills gaps and creates a bespoke "Discovery Plan” to increase your future success.

”Vic your coach increases productivity and profit by giving to everyone, coaching and training that works, at a fraction of the cost and none of the disruption of traditional methods.”

Peter Ryding  Founder and Award-winning CEO

Vic your coach –
for your company

  • More innovation and productivity
  • More employee motivation, loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • More sales
  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Win the best talent and reduce staff attrition
  • Discover skills gaps and close them
  • Trending topics
  • Create a "one team" mindset of success
  • Consistent world-class skills development

Vic your coach – for you

  • Get more done, in less time and with less stress
  • 24/7 access to the proven power of coaching and skills development
  • Instant access to the advice and knowledge you need exactly when you need them
  • Become more valuable and more employable
  • Accelerate your career
  • Kill the stress in your life (before it kills you!)
  • Enjoy a richer quality of life
  • Free matching membership for your family
  • Life changing insights
  • A dedicated coach in your pocket 24/7
  • Gain control of your own development and success in work and in life